Connecting the world through imagination and creativity

My Story Museum

Let’s get through this time with our imagination and creativity.

Let’s spread our enthusiasm with kids all over the world. Please send us a cheerful and happy picture for us to share with other children!


Hope to continue our new blight day!

Hello, Children!

How are you doing?

I’m Hiroko, live in Tokyo.

We hope everyone “I’m OK!!!!” in the world right now.

It’s a really tough time in the world right now.

I really want to get together with many children in the world,

so we can overcome this situation using your wonderful imagination and creativity.

This is for everyone in the world to share your creative photos.

I hope you make new friends in other places in the world on this website. 

Your new friends will be happy to see your creative photos!!

Special plan of your own photo

“I’m O.K.”

We are looking forwards to seeing your own original photos!!!

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Where we use the photo

There is a possibility to upload your work on the web after you agree with us.


About the photo size of image for joining our project

・Size of Image – Minimum 2000pixel– Maximum 4000pixel

・File size: Up to 5MB

・Image Format – JPEG


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 1.  Purpose of use

 This project uses the collected personal information for the following purposes.

 ① To publish posted information as needed.

 ② During the implementation period of this project, the information entered will be temporarily retained.

 2.  Third party offer

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 ① When parental consent is obtained

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 3.  Request for disclosure

 You have the right to request disclosure, correction, deletion, or suspension of use of your personal information.

Thank you for your photos!


Plnning & Directing by Hiroko Muramatsu

Collaborating with Hisako Sato, Chikako Ise 

Toranslated by Yasuko Denaw and Izumi Shanti